Radio source coordinate time series





Observed in only 2 session(s)

Right ascension: 41.1903889093623°
Declination: 13.3353392847617°
No. sessions: 2
No. delays: 84
Defining: No
RMS(α cos δ) = 0.0587 mas
RMS(δ) = 0.1070 mas
Cleaned No. sessions: 2
Cleaned RMS(α cos δ) = 0.0587 mas
Cleaned RMS(δ) = 0.1070 mas

Note: Cleaning is a simple outlier elimination algorithm to remove bad sessions. Points whose distance to the mean scaled by the error is larger than 3 are iteratively deleted. The cleaned rms are provided as is and should be taken with some care, especially if the number of sessions is small.